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Best Indicators for Intraday Trading – Your Key to Forex Success

Intraday trading is a trading strategy where traders buy and sell financial instruments within the same trading day, attempting to profit from short-term price movements. When you mention “intraday trading long,” it typically means that you are considering taking a long position during the trading day.

This trading approach relies heavily on technical analysis, as traders use charts, indicators, and patterns to identify potential entry and exit points. Intraday traders make rapid decisions based on their analysis and market conditions, often executing multiple trades throughout the day. It requires a keen understanding of market dynamics, quick reflexes, and a disciplined approach to risk management.

TOP 20 Forex Indicators for Intraday Trading

  1. Order Block Breaker Indicator
  2. Forex Entry Point Indicator
  3. Shved Supply Demand Indicator
  4. Trend Path Non Repaint Indicator
  5. Super Signal Indicator
  6. Best Scalping Indicator
  7. No Repaint Indicator
  8. Swing Point Highs Indicator
  9. Semafor Alert
  10. Bheurekso Pattern Indicator
  11. FXSSI.OrderBook
  12. Central Pivot Range
  13. Risk Reward Indicator
  14. Auto Andrews Pitchfork Indicator
  15. TD Sequential Indicator
  16. Hull Moving Average Indicator
  17. RSI Heatmap Indicator
  18. Vortex Indicator
  19. Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator
  20. FXSSI Support&Resistance Indicator

Order Block Breaker Indicator

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The Order Block Breaker Indicator stands as a robust resource in the toolkit of forex traders. It excels in pinpointing zones of substantial buying or selling influence, leveraging historical price movements as its foundation. This indicator operates by meticulously scrutinizing order blocks depicted on the price chart, offering traders a clear visual representation of the critical levels they occupy.

In the forex market, multiple variations of order block breaker indicators exist, each defined by its distinct criteria and parameters for detecting order blocks. Among the well-known order block breaker indicators are the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP), Order Flow Volume (OFV), and Order Imbalance Indicator (OII).

Through this multifaceted analysis, they unveil potential order blocks, enabling traders to craft judicious strategies for their trades.

Forex Entry Point Indicator

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The Forex Entry Point Indicator is a tool used by traders in the foreign exchange (forex) market to help identify potential entry points for their trades. It’s designed to assist traders in making more informed decisions about when to enter the market based on specific technical criteria.

This indicator typically considers various factors, such as price patterns, moving averages, oscillators, or other technical indicators, to generate signals that suggest optimal entry points. The goal is to find moments when market conditions align with the trader’s strategy, increasing the likelihood of a successful trade.

Shved Supply Demand Indicator

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The indicator automatically charts supply and demand areas on the price chart, pinpointing regions where Forex market participants exhibit increased trading activity. These zones serve as valuable markers for identifying potential trading opportunities that could yield profits.

It’s important to exercise caution when considering trades based on the Shved Supply and Demand Indicator for MT4. Simply put, you should avoid trading solely based on the appearance of these boxes above the current price level without seeking confirmation. These boxes do not represent robust resistance price levels.


Trend Path Non Repaint Indicator

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The Trend Path Non Repaint Indicator is a specific trading tool or indicator used in financial markets, particularly in Forex trading.

This Forex indicator designed to identify and follow trends in asset prices without repainting its signals. “Non-repaint” indicates that once a signal is generated, it should remain unchanged and not disappear or change its direction as new price data emerges. This feature is valuable for traders who rely on consistent and reliable signals for their trading decisions.

It distinguishes itself as an excellent technical trading indicator well-suited for scalpers, day traders, intraday traders, and swing traders alike.

Super Signal Indicator

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The Super Signal Indicator is a trading tool used in financial markets, typically for analyzing price charts and identifying potential entry and exit points in trading. This indicator is designed to generate signals that indicate potential trend reversals or continuation points.

The exact functionality and characteristics of the Super Signal Indicator can vary depending on its specific design and parameters, and there may be multiple versions or variations of this indicator available.

Traders often use indicators like the Super Signal Indicator as part of their technical analysis to make more informed decisions when buying or selling financial assets, such as stocks, currencies, or commodities.

Best Scalping Indicator

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The Best Scalping Indicator represents a fresh and widely embraced free forex tool compatible with MT4, tailored to assist scalping-oriented traders. Its methodology combines moving averages and an oscillator to pinpoint optimal entry and exit positions for short-term trading endeavors.

Additionally, this indicator boasts a customizable alert system, enabling traders to receive timely notifications regarding potential trade openings.

The provided scalping indicator is crafted to leverage live analysis and activate short-term positions as traders seek daily opportunities, often engaging in multiple trades throughout the day. The primary objective of this trading tool is to capture modest profits.


No Repaint Indicator

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The No Repaint Indicator, compatible with the MT4 platform, enjoys popularity and utility in the forex market. It delivers precise buy and sell signals, preserving their accuracy over time without altering past signals. This makes it an excellent choice for traders seeking to steer clear of erroneous signals.

The concept of a No Repaint Indicator is particularly important for traders because some trading indicators can initially show a signal, but then, as new price data becomes available, they may alter or remove the signal, making it challenging for traders to make informed decisions.

Swing Point Highs Indicator

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A Swing Point Highs and Lows Indicator is a technical analysis tool used in trading to identify and plot the key swing points, including both swing highs and swing lows, on a price chart. This indicator helps traders visualize and analyze significant turning points in price movements.

This indicator operates by detecting swing points within a price chart and subsequently drawing horizontal lines to mark potential levels of support and resistance.

The swing point high and low indicator serves as a valuable tool for traders aiming to pinpoint crucial support and resistance levels.

Semafor Alert Indicator

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The Semafor Alert Indicator is a technical analysis tool widely used in trading, particularly in the forex market. It is derived from the Semafor indicator, which identifies and highlights significant swing points on a price chart, including both swing highs and swing lows. The “Alert” feature of this indicator is designed to provide traders with notifications or alerts when specific conditions related to these swing points are met.

The indicator’s primary function is to detect and mark swing highs (points where the price peaked before reversing downward) and swing lows (points where the price troughed before reversing upward) on the price chart.

Traders often use the Semafor Alert Indicator to spot potential support and resistance levels based on the swing points.


Bheurekso Pattern Indicator

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The Bheurekso Pattern Indicator for MT4/MT5 is a widely-used and complimentary Forex tool highly valued by traders. Its functionality revolves around the automated examination of a currency pair’s historical price data, subsequently emphasizing the most significant patterns.

The strategy was crafted by a group of traders under the leadership of Bheurekso, an accomplished trader and analyst. Bheurekso first presented this tool in 2016.

The BPI revolves around the concept that substantial price shifts are frequently heralded by shifts in market sentiment and trading volume. Through an examination of these elements, the BPI seeks to pinpoint potential trend reversals, delivering traders with well-timed signals for buying and selling.


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FXSSI.OrderBook is a trading tool and service provided by FXSSI (Forex Sentiment & Volume Analysis), a platform that offers various tools and data to help traders in the foreign exchange (forex) market. The FXSSI.OrderBook specifically focuses on order book data and sentiment analysis for major currency pairs.

Order book data provides insights into the current supply and demand for a currency pair, allowing traders to gauge potential support and resistance levels. Sentiment analysis helps traders understand market sentiment, which can be bullish (positive) or bearish (negative), based on factors like order flow and positioning.

FXSSI.OrderBook is designed to help forex traders make more informed trading decisions by providing access to real-time and historical order book data and sentiment analysis.

Central Pivot Range Indicator

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The Central Pivot Range (CPR) Indicator is a technical analysis tool used in trading, particularly in the futures and forex markets. It is designed to identify key support and resistance levels based on a central pivot point, providing traders with a reference range for potential price movements.

Traders often use the Central Pivot Range Indicator for intraday trading, with the levels providing guidance on entry and exit points, as well as stop-loss and take-profit levels.


Risk Reward Indicator

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A Risk Reward Indicator is a tool used in trading to assess the potential risk and reward of a trade before it is executed. It helps traders make informed decisions by calculating the ratio of the potential profit to the potential loss for a particular trade setup. This ratio is commonly referred to as the risk-reward ratio.

The indicator calculates the potential profit (reward) if the trade reaches the take-profit level and the potential loss (risk) if the trade reaches the stop-loss level.It computes the risk-reward ratio by dividing the potential profit by the potential loss. For example, if the potential profit is $100, and the potential loss is $50, the risk-reward ratio would be 2:1.

Traders use the risk-reward ratio to evaluate whether a trade is worth taking. A favorable risk-reward ratio typically means that the potential reward outweighs the risk, making the trade more attractive. Conversely, an unfavorable risk-reward ratio may signal that the trade has limited profit potential compared to the potential loss.

Auto Andrews Pitchfork Indicator

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The Auto Andrews Pitchfork Indicator is a technical analysis tool used in trading, particularly in the field of chart pattern recognition and price trend analysis. It automates the process of drawing and adjusting Andrews Pitchforks on a price chart, helping traders identify potential support and resistance levels, as well as potential trend channels.

The Andrews Pitchfork is a technical analysis tool that consists of three parallel trendlines. These trendlines are drawn based on significant price points, typically a major peak (high), a major trough (low), and another significant peak. These trendlines create a channel that can help identify potential future price movements.

The lines of the Andrews Pitchfork can serve as potential support and resistance levels, and traders often use them to make trading decisions. The median line is considered the main trendline, with the upper and lower lines representing potential price boundaries.

TD Sequential Indicator

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The TD Sequential Indicator, also known as the TD Sequential or Tom DeMark Sequential Indicator, is a technical analysis tool used in trading, particularly in the field of chart pattern recognition and trend analysis. It was developed by Thomas R. DeMark, a prominent trader and technical analyst. The indicator is designed to identify potential trend reversals, exhaustion points, and price countdowns.

The TD Setup is the first phase of the countdown. It involves identifying a specific sequence of consecutive candlesticks that meet certain criteria. This sequence helps determine the potential beginning of a new trend or a trend reversal.

The indicator may also identify DeMark points, which are specific points in the countdown sequence that are considered significant. These points can act as potential reversal or continuation signals.


Hull Moving Average Indicator

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The Hull Moving Average (HMA) is a popular technical indicator used by traders and analysts in financial markets, primarily in the context of stock trading, forex trading, and other asset markets. It is designed to address some of the shortcomings of traditional moving averages by providing a smoother and more responsive moving average line. The HMA was developed by Alan Hull and was first introduced in his book “Active Investing.”

The HMA is designed to reduce the lag that is often associated with traditional moving averages like the Simple Moving Average (SMA) or Exponential Moving Average (EMA). This makes it more responsive to recent price changes.

RSI Heatmap Indicator

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The RSI heatmap MT4 indicator assists forex traders in gauging the potency of currency pairs. This currency strength meter indicator relies on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and offers precise currency strength assessments. Additionally, it generates a heatmap featuring multiple currencies and timeframes for efficient monitoring and analysis.

The currency strength meter’s heatmap employs distinct colors to accurately signify various levels of strength. There are four distinct strengths conveyed by this currency strength heatmap, which are determined by RSI values and price movement direction. These diverse colors furnish traders with a real-time and lucid comprehension of currency strength.

Trade the foreign exchange market utilizing the most effective MT4 currency strength indicator. Keep an eye on color-coded signals using a multi-timeframe heatmap based on RSI across various currency pairs.

Vortex Indicator

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Utilize the most powerful currency strength indicator on MT4 to trade in the foreign exchange market. Observe color-coded signals by employing a multi-timeframe heatmap, which relies on RSI, across a variety of currency pairs.

The Vortex Indicator serves as a valuable technical analysis tool for traders and analysts seeking to identify trends and potential reversals in financial markets. Developed by Etienne Botes and Douglas Siepman, this indicator is specifically designed to assess both the direction and strength of price movements. It comprises two lines: the Positive Vortex line (VI+ or +VI) and the Negative Vortex line (VI- or -VI), which are instrumental in evaluating the bullish and bearish forces at play within the market.


Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator

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The Schaff Trend Cycle (STC) Indicator is a technical analysis tool used by traders and analysts to identify trends and potential trend reversals in financial markets, particularly in the context of forex trading. It was developed by Doug Schaff, and it combines aspects of moving averages, the Stochastic oscillator, and the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator. The goal of the Schaff Trend Cycle is to provide a smoother and more responsive representation of price movements.

The Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator aims to reduce the lag associated with some other trend-following indicators, making it potentially more responsive to recent price changes.

Support&Resistance Indicator

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Support and resistance are fundamental concepts in technical analysis. They represent key price levels where the price of an asset tends to find barriers to moving further.

The FXSSI Support and Resistance Indicator provides traders with a unique feature. It not only identifies recent support and resistance levels but also extends these levels into the future using dotted lines. Moreover, traders have the flexibility to determine the length of this projection. This additional information offers traders an advantage when making trading decisions. By incorporating these projected levels, traders can set their take profit and stop loss orders more effectively, enhancing their risk management and trade planning strategies.


Remember that intraday trading can be profitable for some traders but comes with substantial risks. It’s not suitable for everyone, and it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of the markets, a well-thought-out strategy, and the discipline to follow your plan. Additionally, consider seeking advice from financial professionals or trading mentors before getting started.

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