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1-2-3 Pattern

The 1-2-3 Pattern indicator is a technical trading tool for MT4 that finds the potential end of a trend and the possible new direction. Download for Free! Try now!

100 MA Qual

The 100 MA Qual Indicator is a popular and useful free Forex indicator for MT4 traders. It is designed to help traders identify the best entry and exit points in the market. The indicator uses a 100-period moving average to determine the trend direction and then uses a range of other technical indicators to determine the trend strength. It is also very popular among traders as it provides accurate signals and can be used to make profitable trades.

100 Pips

Enhance trading on MT4 with the 100 Pips Indicator. Benefit from precise buy/sell signals using dual moving averages. Ideal for FX and stock trading, offering customizable settings for optimal performance. The indicator is easy to use and can be set up quickly and easily on any MT4 platform.

3 Bars High Low

The 3 Bars High Low Indicator for MT4 detects trend continuation and reversal patterns in the market. With this indicator, traders can easily identify significant price movements and make better trading decisions. Try Now!

3 In 1 MA Color

3-in-1 MA Color is a popular and free forex indicator for MT4 that utilizes three moving averages to provide useful signals for traders. The indicator changes colors based on the direction of the trend, making it easy to identify entry and exit points. Traders can use this indicator to enhance their trading strategies and improve their overall success in the forex market.

3 Level ZZ Semafor

3 Level ZZ Semafor Indicator - Powerful Trade Signals & Customizable Settings for MT4. Enhance your trading with clear entry signals.

3 Ma Cross With Alert Mtf

MT4 3 MA Cross with Alert MTF indicator: Detects buy/sell signals on moving average crossovers—customizable settings for precise trading insights. The indicator can be used to identify trend reversals and can be combined with other indicators to form a complete trading strategy.

3 MA Same

The 3 MA Same Forex Indicator is a popular and useful MT4 indicator that is free to download. It is used to help traders identify trend changes in the Forex market. The indicator then plots the three moving averages on a chart, and traders can use this information to make trading decisions. With the help of this indicator, traders can make informed decisions and increase their chances of making a profit.

35 MA Squizema Ed Flet Color Mod

35 MA Squizema Ed Flet Color Mod is a popular and useful forex indicator for MT4. It is free to use and helps traders identify market trends and make informed trading decisions. This indicator calculates the moving average of the price and adjusts the color of the line accordingly. Traders can use it to confirm trends and potential entry or exit points.

3RD Generation Moving Average

The 3rd Generation Moving Average Indicator is a popular free Forex indicator for MT4 that is useful for all traders. It is a powerful trend following indicator that uses a combination of three moving averages to generate buy and sell signals. The indicator plots three lines on the chart; the first line is a simple moving average, the second is an exponential moving average, and the third is a smoothed moving average. It is a great tool for traders looking for an easy way to identify potential trading opportunities.

4 Trend Bline V01

The 4 Trend BLine v0.1 indicator is a useful tool for Forex traders that use the MT4 platform. It is a popular and free indicator that helps traders to identify trends and make better trading decisions. This indicator works by plotting two lines on the chart, one to identify the trend and one to identify the range. It is a great tool for traders who want to make the most of their trading strategies.

40 Wolfwave Nen 2

The 40 Wolfwave Nen 2 Forex Indicator is a popular and useful MT4 indicator that is available for free. The indicator works by analyzing the waves of price movements and determining when a price trend is likely to reverse. The indicator is highly accurate and reliable, making it a great choice for successful Forex trading.

Trend indicators are technical analysis tools used in trading to identify the direction and strength of market trends. They can help traders make informed decisions by analyzing historical price data and detecting potential trend reversals.