Are the indicators free of charge on your website?

Yes, the indicators are free of charge on our website.

I am unable to download an indicator from your website. What could be the problem?

Try to check if your antivirus or firewall is blocking file downloads, and if that doesn't help, send us a screenshot of the issue through the contact form so we can try to assist you.

Can you provide the source code of the indicator in .mq4 format?

We can't share the .mq4 source code format of the indicator due to the copyright of the developers.

How do I install the indicator after downloading it?

You can follow the steps in the instructions available under each indicator.

I would like to cooperate with you, for example, to publish my product, guest post, or advertisement banner. Is this possible?

Sure! Contact us through our contact form with details of your request. We'd be happy to discuss options for collaboration, such as featuring your product, guest posting, or displaying your advertisement banner on our website.

Do you provide custom indicator development services for a fee?

We don't currently offer custom indicator development services for a fee. We only review products made by other developers, but may consider this in the future.

I am the creator of the product currently listed on your website. I would like to request to remove it as it infringes on my copyrighted material.

Certainly, we are happy to remove the product from our website. Please use this contact form to specify the infringing product and provide proof of ownership.